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Frequently asked questions

Our email verification service helps to improve the delivery rate of your campaigns by cleaning your email list of outdated or invalid entries. This helps to prevent a high bounce rate and potential blocking of your emails by email service providers (ESPs). Our goal is to maintain the reputation of your email account by ensuring that your emails are being sent to valid, verified addresses.

The email verifier directly connects to the SMTP server without sending an email.

Since does not actually send an email to verify an email address, it is not possible to achieve complete accuracy. However, based on our recent testing, using's email verification service resulted in a bounce rate of only 3.7% for emails that were marked as valid. By using our email verification tool, you can expect a high level of deliverability, with an average rate of up to 96%.

Yes, you can verify a list of email addresses by uploading a file to the Bulk Email Verifier.

You can validate up to 100 email addresses at no cost! If you need to verify more addresses, we offer flexible plans to suit your needs. Get started now.

Please check the 'status' page for the current average time per verification.

They do not. Your credits will be available in your account until you have used them.

Our platform uses a 256-bit SSL protocol to secure data transmission and encrypt your data. Your data is stored in accordance with our privacy policy and can only be accessed by someone with the necessary login credentials.